The idea of the prawn culturing was first started by the founder of Pegagau Group, Mr Lim. At the year 1997, he started cultivating Black Tiger shrimp at Kingfisher Park, Kota Kinabalu. After it was successful, he expanded his business to Semporna.

  PEGAGAU FOOD PRODUCTS SDN BHD was formed in the year 2000, having its first shrimp farm at Sg. Yei Yei in Semporna. The business of the group was first started with the culturing of Black Tiger Prawn and was gradually expanded into culture of other species such as Vannamei and Marine Fin fish due to improve risk management from epidemics.

  Pegagau Group integrated its operation profile by investing into hatchery operation for its upstream operational planning, and into frozen processing for its downstream planning. These two projects were initiated in the year 2007 and fully completed and started operating in the year 2008. The current capacity for the hatchery is 150 million black tiger prawn fry per annum, while the processing plant can produce 12MT per day (8 hours shift). This provides the group full vertical integration on the aquaculture business thereby further mitigate on business risk against middleman and processors.

Semporna Farm, 200 ponds